School Information

The School Day

8.30am – 3.15pm (registration closes at 8.45am)

All the children can come into school for Welcome Time at 8.30am

10.20am – 10.35am (Playtime)

12noon – 1.00pm (Infant Lunchtime)

12.30pm – 1.30pm (Junior Lunchtime)

3.15pm – School finishes

Uniform can be bought from Wendy’s in Tyldesley

Staffing Structure

Head Teacher                Mrs E Holden

Assistant Headteacher   Miss R Dempsey

Reception                                 Miss G Worrall

Year 1                                      Mr N Finch (SLT)

Year 2                                      Mrs C Chapman and Mrs A Milliken

Year 3                                      Mrs T Vania

Year 4                                      Mrs C Ball (SLT)

Year 5                                      Mrs A Corlett

Year 6                                      Mrs L Pridding (SLT)

School Business Manager                  Mrs J Mitchell (SLT)

ICT Manager                                      Mrs S Swanton

Site Manager                                      Mr C Whittaker

Caretaker                                           Mrs L Cocklin-Mulcahy

Cleaner                                              Mr A Kelly

Teaching Assistants:

HLTA/Pastoral – Mr M Wigman

Mrs L Rushworth – Y6

Mr A Wilcock – Y6

Mrs P Collier – Y5

Mrs G Phillips – Y4

Mrs P Wells – Y3

Mrs J Cawley – Y2

Miss J Jones – Y1

Miss H Baldwin – Rec

Mrs E Brough – Rec/Librarian

Miss C Costello – TA Support

Mrs M Barlow – 1:1 support

Miss E Broad – 1:1 support

Mrs R Maloney – SEN

Miss C Rushworth – 1:1 Support/Lunchtime Supervision

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