Charging Policy

 Charging Policy

At Hindsford CE School, activities engaged in which would involve charges include swimming, school visits to places of educational interest and value as part of theme/project work being undertaken in school, visits to school by theatre companies and entertainers.

Such activities provide enrichment experiences and add an extra dimension to the school curriculum. All activities should be available to all pupils as part of their curriculum entitlement.

Some of our visits and activities may be partially funded through the use of PPG grant/Sports Premium. For further information please refer to our PPG policy and PE Grant statement.

School are not able to meet the cost of all these activities, therefore parents will be asked for voluntary contributions to the cost of these activities

If there is not enough money provided to cover the cost it may be necessary to cancel the activity.

An appropriate charge will be made for damage to property, equipment and loss of reading books, planners

School will provide a Tuck Shop Service every morning . Children are able to purchase snacks/drinks from this .

















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